Phoenix Continues to Get Bigger Than Philadelphia

And San Antonio is waiting in the wings to take our place as America's sixth-largest city.

an aerial view of Phoenix, Arizona, which continues to get bigger than Philadelphia in terms of population

An aerial view of Phoenix, Arizona, which continues to get bigger than Philadelphia in terms of population (Getty Images)

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Phoenix Continues to Get Bigger Than Philadelphia, and San Antonio Isn’t Far Behind

It was always nice being able to say that Philadelphia was the fifth-largest city in the country. No, fifth place isn’t great. But it’s certainly better than 10th. And somehow, the number five always signified that we were a contender. We coulda been somebody.

But in 2017, Census Bureau data indicated that the population of Phoenix, Arizona, had surpassed that of Philadelphia, causing us to slip to sixth-largest city in the country. And that never really had such a good ring to it.

By 2020, Philadelphia had regained some ground, though Phoenix was still bigger. But now, the latest population numbers for Phoenix and Philadelphia tell us Phoenix has increased its lead significantly.

This is the most recent population data for America’s 15 biggest cities, released last week:

  • New York, 8,335,897
  • Los Angeles, 3,822,238
  • Chicago, 2,665,039
  • Houston, 2,302,878
  • Phoenix, 1,644,409
  • Philadelphia, 1,567,258
  • San Antonio, 1,472,909
  • San Diego, 1,381,162
  • Dallas, 1,299,544
  • Austin, 974,447
  • Jacksonville, 971,319
  • San Jose, 971,233
  • Fort Worth, 956,709
  • Columbus, 907,971
  • Charlotte, 897,720

And look who’s coming up behind us: San Antonio, Texas, with its Alamo and riverwalks. Philadelphia continues to shrink. San Antonio, on the other hand? San Antonio has the largest population growth of any city in the country.

I guess I should plan on getting used to writing “Philadelphia, the seventh-largest city in the country.”

Well, That’s One Way to Make Sure You’re Caught

Philadelphia just arrested four men, charging them with various shootings and murders in the city. And prosecutors say the men actually posted videos on YouTube bragging about their acts of violence. “This group sought notoriety, sought infamy, they sought attention, that was part of the motivation for each and every one of these shootings,” a prosecutor told reporters on Tuesday.

Who Owns “Taco Tuesday”?

It turns out a Jersey Shore bar has the phrase trademarked. But Taco Bell is coming after them.

By the Numbers

$60 million: Approximate amount the ransomware gang that has taken credit for the recent Inquirer attack had made as of August 2022.

$8 per month: Fee that Netflix says you now have to pay for anybody outside your household who uses your account. The company is cracking down on password-sharing.

$400: Minimum most local families are spending on prom. And those numbers can go way, way up. Parents may be cutting back on other unnecessary expenses. But prom ain’t going anywhere. (P.S. My household had its first prom this year, my son bought his own ticket, and we spent literally nothing except way too long trying to get him to pose for pre-prom photos.)

And from the More-of-the-Same Sports Desk …

At Citizens Bank Park, it was the Phillies vs. Diamondbacks, Take 2, last night, with Ryne Nelson and Matt Strahm starting. Good news: It was Bark at the Park night!

Bad news: Brandon Marsh was a scratch with right shoulder soreness. He was 2-for-31 before sitting out the last two games, though, so he needed the rest. More bad news: In the second inning, Gabriel Moreno sent one out of the park to give Arizona a 2-0 lead. Why, Phillies? Why?

Our guys got one back in their half of the second, though. And in the third, they brought in Dylan Covey, in his first appearance since being picked up on waivers after the team sent Andrew Bellatti down to Lehigh Valley following Monday’s game. He promptly gave up a single and a triple but then settled in, going five innings and only relinquishing one run.

The Phils managed to tie the game in the bottom of the seventh on an Alec Bohm single but couldn’t hold on in the eighth, when Seranthony had a dreadful outing, giving up a double, a walk, and an RBI single. The Phils had a brief rally of their own in the bottom half, but this ended that:

They’ve lost seven of their last nine games, but boy, some people just won’t stop believin’.

They’ve got one last chance against the D’backs today at 1:05.

All Philly Today Sports Desk coverage is provided by Sandy Hingston.