Broad Street Run Changes Race Date Due to Phillies Game

Plus, Philly's tranq problems hits the front page of the New York Times. And could our curfew actually be leading to more crime?

a scene from a broad street run in philadelphia

A scene from a preview Broad Street Run in Philadelphia (photo via @IBXRun10 on Twitter)

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Philly’s Broad Street Run Changes Dates Due to Phillies Game

I know it’s only January, and all we can think about is the Eagles. (And don’t worry: We have plenty on the Eagles game below). But before you know it, Phillies season will be upon us. And a Phillies game early in the season has caused Philadelphia’s annual Broad Street Run to shift dates.

The Broad Street Run, billed as the largest road race in the United States, always happens on the first Sunday in May, not to be confused with the second Sunday in May, which is always Mother’s Day. This year, the first Sunday in May is May 7th, and that just so happens to be same day that the Phillies are scheduled to take on the Red Sox in a 1:35 p.m. game at Citizens Bank Park.

So, the organizers of the Broad Street Run have moved the race to Sunday, April 30th, when the Phillies will be away in Houston. This is reportedly the first time that the Broad Street Run has happened in April.

Some other notable points from the Broad Street Run’s Monday morning announcement:

– Goodbye, COVID. Though it may be a bit premature, based on what we’re hearing about the whatever-they-call-it variant, race organizers are eliminating their main COVID protocols. You won’t need to show proof of vaccination or wear a mask at any point in the race.

– The lottery system for race participation opens at 12:01 a.m. on February 1st. There are 40,000 slots available. Hopefully that whole process will go a bit better than the one you had to go through to score Taylor Swift tickets or a copy of the Eagles Christmas album.

– There’s a new finish line. The Broad Street Run will end at the K Lot outside of Lincoln Financial Field

Might be time to finally download one of those couch-to-5k apps. Well, in the case of the Broad Street Run, more like 16k. But what’s 11k between friends?

Philly’s Tranq Problem Hits the Front Page of the New York Times

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about fentanyl. But have you heard about tranq? The New York Times paid a visit to Philadelphia to investigate the growing problems with the drug. It’s a devastating but essential read.

Could Philly’s Curfew Lead to More Crime?

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And from the It’s-All-Good Sports Desk …

On Sunday, it was the Eagles against the Giants at the Linc for the whole ball of wax — home field, a bye week — in the NFC East. Saquon Barkley was inactive, which was a good thing. Third-string QB Davis Webb started for the Giants — his first-ever NFL start. And Haason Reddick damn near sacked him on the first series. Three-and-out! A.J. Brown notched an Eagles single-season reception-yards record, previously held by Mike Quick. Did I mention that Jalen Hurts was back? Field goal Iggles!

And another record!

Ten of Scott’s 17 NFL touchdowns have come against the Giants. And a giveaway I was unaware of:

A hearty field goal for Jake Elliott:

Please, sir, may I have another?

And a second-half touchdown called back for a penalty.

The Giants picked off a throw at the goal line but couldn’t do shit with their set of downs. So the Eagles got it back, and — Elliott!

In the Twitterverse, they were strongly suggesting that Hurts come out of the game. The Giants got within the red zone, but Webb was hit with two successive delay-of-game calls, and all they could manage was a field goal.

And lookee here!

You kind of had to be happy for Webb, though, right? At least the try for a two-point conversion failed. Eagles were still up, 19-9, with 10 minutes left to go. On the subsequent Eagles drive, they got inside the 10, with Kenneth Gainwell working very hard.

But nah. The field goal squad came on. Jake Elliott, fifth in the game. The drive did eat up seven minutes, though. Three minutes were left, and the Eagles led, 22-9. One last drive on the part of the Giants and …

Can you say “onside kick”? Recovered by … Blankenship! Guess that disguise can come off now. And the Giants had no timeouts left. A minute and half to go. One snap, and the clock ran out. Remember when the Birds used to make it look easy? Like, earlier this season? Oh well.

In Sixerland on Friday, our guys were looking for their 12th straight home win. Doc Rivers started De’Anthony Melton, James Harden, Tyrese Maxey, P.J. Tucker and Tobias Harris. Why Tucker was in instead of Montrezl Harrell, who was so hot the game before, is another mystery of the universe. Joel Embiid was sitting this one out with that nagging foot injury. Maxey hit a three to start things off, and the Sixers stayed hot from the three-line.

In the second, the Bulls rallied to tie it at 50 with three minutes left. Harden hadn’t yet scored from the floor. DeMar DeRozan, alas, got hot, and the Bulls took the lead. Harden finally drove for a layup: Sixers up 55-54 with less than a minute left. But the Bulls pulled away again.

Second half? Grrrrr … The Bulls went up by eight halfway through the third, then by 11, then by 14 … Zach LaVine was killing us.

The Bulls put together a 13-0 run. Maxey made a nice dunk pass to Montrezl Harrell, but … a Georges Niang three at the buzzer, and at the end of the third:

Ugh. Wretched game. Another Niang three—his career 500th–made it a 10-point game with nine minutes left. With five minutes left, it was 110-102 Bulls. Could the Sixers pull it out? Would a miracle occur? Nah.

On Sunday afternoon, in Detroit against the Pistons, no Joel again. Starters: Harris, Harrell, Maxey, Harden, Melton. This one got off to a slow start. Turnovers! Messy!


End of the quarter: 35-27 Sixers. In the second, the Pistons hung in there, keeping it close. Seesaw time!

With the Eagles slated to kick off in 10 minutes. Damn you, sports gods.

When next I checked in on the Sixers, halfway through the third, they were up by 13. Harrell was on fire again; he had 20 points. Next check: two minutes left in the third, we were up 90-77. And up 20 two minutes into the fourth, 104-84. Okay, then! No Joel, no problem:

Tonight is the College Football Playoff National Championship between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Georgia Bulldogs, starting at 7:30. And I don’t give a damn who wins.

College hoops weekend wrap: On Friday, Cornell handily defeated Penn, 88-69. On Saturday, La Salle (7-8) squeaked past the Rhode Island Rams in overtime, 77-75; St. Joe’s (6-9) fell to Fordham, 66-54; and Tulane trounced the Temple Owls (9-8), 87-76. Villanova (8-8) fought to the end before falling to number 16-ranked Xavier, 88-80; Drexel (9-7) pummeled the Monmouth Hawks, 67-35; and Penn’s Quakers (9-8) bit the Columbia Lions, 84-55. Ouch.

The Flyers also played.

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