The Definitive List of Philly Athletes Trying to Make Some Extra Cash on Cameo

For a personalized shout-out from T.O., be prepared to pay $400; the budget-conscious can consider Vince Papale at a mere $55.

photos of some of the philadelphia sports stars on the cameo app

Some of the Philadelphia sports stars as seen on the Cameo app. Clockwise from top left: Former Eagle Vince Papale; former Phillie Ryan Howard; former Eagle Ron Jaworski; former Eagle Terrell Owens; an impersonator of former Eagles coach Andy Reid; and former Eagle Donovan McNabb (images via Cameo app)

In times of yore, Philadelphia sports stars, semi-stars and utter has-beens would show up at memorabilia conventions and VIP events at the stadiums to sign autographs and pose for selfies with fans and admirers. In the age of COVID, they’ll sell you customized videos and DMs through Cameo, the billion-dollar celebrity shout-out app.

If you’re not familiar, here’s how it works: Via the Cameo app, you pay the requested fee and answer some questions. (What’s the occasion? What do you want your celeb to say? What pronouns do you want used?) Cameo takes a cut, and the celeb sends you what you’ve requested in a promised timeframe; you get a refund if he’s too busy or your request isn’t something he’s willing to fulfill. (Keep it clean, people!)

We delved into the Cameo app to see what Philadelphia sports figures are selling their personalized words for profit — and how much their services are worth.

Philadelphia Eagles on Cameo App

Brian Dawkins
Video: $449.99 / DM: $2.99
The popular safety played from 1996 to 2008 and appeared in Super Bowl XXXIX, which we lost. But he later rejoined the team as a player-development exec and was here when we won Super Bowl LII.

Terrell Owens
Video: $399.99 / DM: $4.99
One of the team’s more controversial players, Owens left us in 2006 for the Cowboys. He also appeared in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Donovan McNabb
Video: $349.99 / DM: $2.99
A.k.a. “one of the most criticized players in NFL history.” A.k.a. the quarterback who may or may not have puked as he led us to defeat in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Ron Jaworski
Video: $299.99 / DM: $1.99
The quarterback who led us to our first-ever Super Bowl game. (We lost.)

Mike Quick
Video: $209.99 / DM: $0.99
He played for us at wide receiver from 1982 to 1990 and is perhaps best remembered for connecting with Jaworski on a 99-yard overtime touchdown. Quick is still around, offering color commentary for Eagles broadcasts.

Darren Sproles
Video: $149.99 / DM: $6.99
Part of our Super Bowl LII-winning team. You can also grab a bobblehead of him for that special someone on eBay for $69.99.

Bill Romanowski
Video: $139.99 / DM: Free
If there’s someone out there you don’t like, you might want to consider having our 1994-’95 linebacker send an angry video. His NFL career highlights include kicking and spitting on other players and even throwing a microwave at a teammate. Yikes!

Randall Cunningham
Video: $119.99 / DM: $19.99
The man who served as quarterback from 1985 to 1995 is now an ordained minister. We imagine he’ll pray for you upon request.

Brandon Graham
Video: $109.99 / DM: $2.99
Just the fact that he sacked the living shit out of Tom Brady in Super Bowl LII makes him worth it.

Vince Papale
Video: $54.99 / DM: N/A
You probably would have forgotten about him if not for Invincible, the 2006 Mark Wahlberg movie based on his career, which ended in 1979. Naturally, a poster for the movie hangs behind him in his Cameo videos.

Jon Dorenbos
Video: $54.99 / DM: $2.99
Once a long snapper. Now a magician.

Andy Reid
Video: $15.99 / DM: $0.99
Okay, okay. It’s not the actual former Eagles coach, but an impersonator who calls himself Almost Andy Reid. There are a host of celebrity impersonators in the Cameo world. It’s a thing.

Philadelphia Phillies on Cameo App

Ryan Howard
Video: $349.99 / DM: $2.99
The former first baseman and home-run hitter holds all sorts of Phillies records and helped deliver the 2008 World Series to the city.

Hunter Pence
Video: $299.99 / DM: N/A
The team shocked a lot of people when they traded him to the Giants.

Jimmy Rollins
Video: $299.99 / DM: $2.99
J-Roll was a huge part of the 2008 World Series-winning team. Now, he lives in a big mansion in California. Gotta make those payments!

Andrew McCutcheon
Video: $209.99 / DM: N/A

The current Phillies outfielder’s fee might go down a tad if he doesn’t improve his performance this season.

Curt Schilling
Video: $159.99 / DM: $4.99
The pitcher helped take the Phillies to the World Series in 1993. We lost. His reputation tanked — along with his Hall of Fame prospects — after he made controversial statements about Muslims and gay people, among others. He’s so hated that he’s basically been blacklisted by the Hall of Fame.

Lenny Dykstra
Video: $99.99 / DM: N/A
Speaking of controversial Phillies players … Maybe he’s still paying his lawyers?

Jonathan Papelbon
Video: $84.99 / DM: $3.99
On the one hand, he dissed Philly after leaving the team in 2015. And we don’t like people who diss Philly, other than actual Philadelphians. On the other hand, he once reportedly had to be restrained from kicking Howard Eskin’s ass. And we like people who want to kick Howard Eskin’s ass.

Gabe Kapler
Video: $79.99 / DM: N/A
Now, before those of you who are admirers of the ousted Phillies manager’s underwear modeling get too excited, he’s fully clothed in all the Cameo videos we dutifully reviewed. Sorry!

Brett Myers
Video: $59.99 / DM: $4.99
Perhaps the pitcher who was part of our 2008 World Series team will sing you a very honky-tonk happy birthday. He’s moved on from baseball to being a country singer.

Larry Bowa
Video: $54.99 / $2.99
He played for the Phillies from 1970 to 1981 and then came back to manage us from 2001 to 2004, but was fired after being unremarkable in that role.

Greg Luzinski
Video: $54.99 / DM: $2.99
“The Bull” helped us win the 1980 World Series. Nowadays, you can eat BBQ at his restaurant inside Citizens Bank Park. (In fact, during non-COVID times, he’s there for pretty much all the games and is quite friendly with fans. So you can probably get an in-person birthday wish and save the $54.99. Don’t feel bad, because the food is overpriced.)

Philadelphia 76ers on Cameo App

Daryl Morey
Video: $999.99 / DM: N/A
A bit steep, especially for a guy who’s not a star player but instead the president of basketball operations for the 76ers. He does donate his full cut to the ACLU.

Boban Marjanovic
Video: $199.99 / DM: N/A
One of the tallest players in the NBA, he was only with us for one season (2019) but did help us get to the playoffs.

Dikembe Mutombo
Video: $159.99 / $2.99
Analysts have said that his one season with us (2001-2002) was his best as a pro. These days, he’s best known for his philanthropic work — and that Geico commercial.

Bobby Jones
Video: $129.99 / DM: $10.99
The defender more than earned his nickname of “Secretary of Defense” when he played for the 76ers from 1978 through 1986. He helped us win the NBA championship in 1983. The Hall of Fame finally got around to inducting him just two years ago.

Doug Collins
Video: $79.99 / DM: $10.99
He played for the 76ers from 1973 to 1981 and was part of the 1976-’77 team that went to the NBA Finals, led by Dr. J. (We lost.) He came back and coached from 2010 until 2013.

Michael Carter-Williams
Video: $64.99 / DM: $2.99
Now with the Orlando Magic, the point guard was with the 76ers from 2013 until 2015 and was named NBA Rookie of the Year for the 2013-’14 season.

Philadelphia Flyers on Cameo App

John LeClair
Video: $159.99 / DM: $9.99
The left wing played for the Flyers for 10 seasons and was part of the team’s “Legion of Doom” forward line. He’s one of the five highest scorers in the team’s history.

Paul Coffey
Video: $109.99 / DM: $2.99
He helped take the Flyers to the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals, but we lost. To his former team, no less.

Chris Pronger
Video: $99.99 / DM: $2.99
He’s known as one of hockey’s “dirtiest” and most “infamous” players — and that’s really saying something in this blood sport.