The Best Thing That Happened This Week: It’s BLT Season!

We wait all year long for this …

It’s BLT season! Photo by Sandy Hingston

On Monday of this week, we made ourselves a BLT for supper. (We enjoyed it while watching the Sixers.) On Tuesday, we had a BLT for supper. BLTs on Wednesday (more Sixers!) and Thursday, too. Friday we had takeout Vietnamese, but on Saturday, we were back to BLTs, made on white bread, not toasted, with plenty of Hellmann’s mayo and iceberg lettuce (get outta here with that romaine) and, naturally, tomatoes, thick-cut and salted, fresh from the garden and popped into the fridge just long enough to suck the day’s heat out of them.

Know what we’re having for Sunday dinner? BLTs. Maybe with some chips — carrot chips with hummus, or potato chips with onion-soup dip. Yeah, we know bacon’s not the best thing for us. We don’t eat it the rest of the year — only in August, with our own ripe tomatoes, on BLTs the way Dad taught us to make them back in the day, with white bread (he loved Grandpa Stroehmann’s) and Hellmann’s and iceberg. With a couple extra slices of tomato on the side. Hey, it’s tradition. And in Philly, you oughta know by now, you don’t mess with tradition. Especially when it tastes this good.