Join Philly Mag for a Virtual Secrets From the C-Suite Event Series

Skai Blue Media founder and CEO Rakia Reynolds, our special guest, will talk with us about future-proofing work and the workplace.


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With more people working remotely and relying on technology to communicate with colleagues, the future of work and the workplace is evolving much faster than we could have imagined. The pandemic has created many unknowns, like whether open offices are officially dead, whether business travel is obsolete and whether the traditional 9-to-5 is finally out of style. While we can’t predict every change to come, the shutdown has helped us see that major modifications are inevitable.

Skai Blue Media founder and CEO Rakia Reynolds believes that one key way forward is to future-proof work. That includes building sustainable brands that take on the challenges of the future and embracing the power and promise of going virtual. Over the past few months, Reynolds’ multi-media communications agency has proven that while the pandemic has stripped us all of many opportunities, it has also created new ones. The company’s agility has helped clients convey messages of hope and community building at a time when consumers want fewer things to buy and more opportunities to connect.

On Thursday, May 21st at noon, Reynolds will join Philadelphia magazine live for the second part of Secrets From the C-Suite Presented by Comcast Business to talk about how her agency has adapted to help clients with messaging that speaks to the moment. She’ll also explain why going completely virtual in early March, well before many others made the move, was important. Reynolds will share her insights on how the pandemic will continue to reshape work. To sign up for the free lunchtime event, click here.

Secrets From the C-Suite Presented by Comcast Business is a three-part virtual series that kicked off last week with La Colombe founder and CEO Todd Carmichael. You can view the discussion below.