60 Outraged Google Reviews of Philly’s Landmarks and Cultural Treasures

Featuring the disappointing Liberty Bell, the forgettable LOVE Park sign, and the Magic Gardens, where you basically pay to see trash.

bad reviews of philly landmarks

Ah, Philadelphia: the birthplace of our nation. Rich with history. Lots of cobblestone streets.

To those who appreciate such things, our city abounds with cultural and historical treasures. Even a casual stroll or chore-run in Old City practically feels like a walking tour devoted to our founding fathers. But to others, the sites we cherish (our beloved Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, or the slightly more modern Reading Terminal Market or LOVE Park sign) are just … meh. Really, they’re just another place to say you’ve visited, checked off your list … reviewed on Google.

We present to you — without comment — the most disappointed, cranky, blasé, and downright outraged Google reviews of Philly landmarks and treasures. Because while all of our city’s favorite places hold significant cultural weight (to us, at least), they’re also, amusingly, subject to trivial critique from unenthused pretzel- and cheesesteak-toting tourists.

Let’s begin with the Liberty Bell, shall we?

The Liberty Bell

Significance: “One of history’s most famous symbols of freedom and justice”
Google Consensus: 4.5 stars, 9,008 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: March 23rd

Photo by HaizhanZheng/iStock


Significance: Home to Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE statue
Google Consensus: 4.4 stars, 4,139 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: March 27th

love park souvenir

Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA™

Independence Hall

Significance: Where our founding fathers debated the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution
Google Consensus: 4.7 stars, 1,432 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: A month ago

Photo: miralex istock

The Mütter Museum

Significance: “America’s finest museum of medical history”
Google Consensus: 4.6 stars, 2,410 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: A month ago

mutter museum

Photo courtesy of the Mütter Museum

Reading Terminal Market

Significance: One of the oldest and largest public markets in the U.S.
Google Consensus: 4.7 stars, 18,196 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: Two weeks ago

Reading Terminal Market/Wikimedia Commons

Magic Gardens

Significance: A “mosaicked visionary art environment
Google Consensus: 4.6 stars, 1,847 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: Seven months ago

Philadelphia Magic Gardens. Courtesy photo.

City Hall

Significance: The largest municipal building in the nation, once referred to by poet Walt Whitman as “a majestic and lovely show there in the moonlight … silent, weird, beautiful”
Google Consensus: 4.5 stars, 457 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: A month ago

City Hall (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Elfreth’s Alley

Significance: One of the nation’s oldest residential streets
Google Consensus: 4.6 stars, 1,776 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: A week ago

Photo: R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Significance: The third-ranked Japanese Garden in North America
Google Consensus: 4.6 stars, 490 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: Five months ago

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Significance: One of the largest art museums in the country, founded during the nation’s first centennial in 1876. Moved in 1928 to its current building, which was chiefly designed by prominent architect Julian Abele, the first African American graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s architecture school.
Google Consensus: 4.7 stars, 7,667 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: A month ago

Philadelphia museums art history

Photograph courtesy Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Rocky Statue (and the Art Museum Steps)

Significance: Needs no introduction
Google Consensus: 4.6 stars, 558 reviews
Most Recent One-Star Review: Six month ago