Scott Wagner Just Threatened to Stomp All Over Tom Wolf’s Face “With Golf Spikes”

He's turned the gubernatorial race up a notch. Or 10.

scott wager tom wolf golf spikes

Scott Wagner said he would “stomp all over” Tom Wolf’s face with golf spikes on Friday. | Image via Scott Wagner’s campaign/Facebook

Scott Wagner is not pulling any punches in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race. Or stomps. With golf spikes.

He made this very, very clear in a now-viral campaign video on Friday.

“Governor Wolf, let me tell you,” Wagner yells at the camera in the clip, while standing beside a fold-up chair stacked with his company’s paychecks near the side of a highway in York. “Between now and November 6th, you better put a catcher’s mask on your face, because I’m gonna stomp all over your face with golf spikes — because I’m gonna win this, FOR THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, and we’re throwing you OUT OF OFFICE!”

The video, in which Wagner wears a navy vest over a baby-blue dress shirt, is making the rounds on Twitter. It was originally posted to Wagner’s Facebook page, which a caption stating that “Scott has a blazing message for Tom Wolf.”

Beth Melena, a spokesperson for Wolf’s campaign, said the video “shows [Wagner] is unhinged and unfit for office.”

In fact, she’s taking it pretty seriously.

“Threats of violence have no place in society, especially from someone running for public office,” Melena said. “This is part of an unfortunate pattern with Scott Wagner.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Wagner’s campaign said his comments “were not to be taken literally.”

“He wanted them to be a metaphor for how he will approach the final stretch of the campaign,” his spokesperson said. “Tom Wolf has spent the entire race hiding behind false and negative attack ads like a coward instead of debating in front of the people of Pennsylvania and Scott will spend the last month of the race making it clear to voters why they should not give him a second term.”

Really, honestly, we’re not sure what to say about the footage.

Here’s how Twitter feels.