From Phillies to Bhillies: Philly Reacts to IHOP’s “IHOb” Burger Stunt

IHOP officially changed its name — and Philadelphia is not on board.

ICYMI, IHOP is no longer IHOP. It is now IHOb, because apparently the chain known for its pancakes decided it wants to emphasize its burgers, the speciality of countless other fast-food restaurants.

Disclaimer: I’ve only had IHOP pancakes once, and I have not tried the chain’s burgers — nor its Philly cheesesteak, which got only 2 out of 5 stars from a TripAdvisor reviewer in Tuscon, Arizona. (Mushy bread, apparently.) I don’t plan on changing these facts after IHOP’s marketing ploy.

Apparently I’m not alone. Philadelphians are none too happy about the IHOP/IHOb name switch.

At least the city is having a little fun with it, though — shout out to the Phillies, who trolled IHOP excellently on Monday.

As well as several others.

After all, maybe a few people are on board with the IHOP switch (and the company’s cheesesteaks, apparently) …

But mostly Philadelphia is not pleased. In fact, it reminds some people of how Franklin Mills mall in Northeast Philadelphia was “renamed” Philadelphia Mills.

We’re simply not on board, IHOP.