WATCH: Cory Popp Caps Off Philly’s Miserable Winter With a Glorious Supercut

Bomb cyclones, nor’easters, and a special shoutout to our Super Bowl champion Eagles.

Photo by Cory J. Popp.

From bomb cyclones to four nor’easters in one month (and still counting), Mother Nature hit Philly pretty hard this winter, wouldn’t you say?

While the inconvenience of slush-filled sidewalks and lagging modes of public transit is strong, the city sure does look majestic when blanketed in the white stuff. Beginning with a time-lapse video of storms in mid-December, local filmographer Cory J. Popp blended a bunch of footage he took into the ultimate supercut of winter in Philly.

With snow still on the ground, there isn’t a more perfect time to check out Popp’s work and take in the beauty of Philadelphia during the wintertime than right now. There’s even a shoutout to our Super Bowl champion Eagles for good measure. We approve!