Rhynhart Opens Sexual Harassment Reporting Line for City Employees

The city controller says she hopes the line — part of an audit her office is conducting — will “give victims a voice.”

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Image via Gajus/iStockphoto.com

Current and former city employees who are experiencing sexual harassment have a new option for reporting potential abuse.

Philadelphia controller Rebecca Rhynhart has created a new phone line for sexual misconduct. The phone number is 215-988-8024, and the line is now open.

In a statement on Tuesday, Rhynhart said the purpose of the line is to “better understand the policies, processes and procedures in place from the perspective of the individual who has to go through [sexual misconduct].”

The line will be staffed by employees in the Controller’s Office. Callers’ identities will be kept confidential – but the information they provide will be used as part of an upcoming audit, according to the office.

The review will include information on sexual misconduct payouts, policies and procedures. It is expected to be released in about three months.

“In addition to giving victims a voice, I believe that the information provided by City employees will be valuable to the audit findings, and importantly, the information will help us develop more meaningful recommendations,” she added. “I want to encourage past or present City employees — female or male — to call the phone line. Every person should feel safe and supported in their workplace, improving the City’s sexual misconduct policies and procedures is a step in the right direction.”

Callers are asked to leave a voicemail with their name, phone number and the best time to be reached. The office will attempt to return all calls within two business days. Employees do not have to formally report an incident to call the phone line.