Cecily Tynan Is Fed Up With Your Wardrobe Critiques

The 6ABC meteorologist sounds off on keyboard fashionistas on Facebook.

Photo via 6ABC.

To someone my age, 6ABC meteorologist Cecily Tynan is as synonymous with the television station as legendary anchor Jim Gardner himself. That may sound like blasphemy to members of the older audience – and I’m sure Cecily would even agree – but it’s the truth.

She’s been bringing Philly the weather forecast since 1995, which, accept it or not, was a long time ago at this point. (Cecily’s throwback to the Blizzard of ’96 particularly took us back.) During these 20-plus years on the air, Cecily has been the picture of professionalism, yet in the social media age she’s subject to unjust scorn by disapproving viewers flexing keyboard muscles.

Disturbed by a particular recent instance of cyber bullying, Cecily took to Facebook to decry the online culture of critiquing her (and other women’s) wardrobe:

Rock on, Cecily! (And you’re right, today is totally sweater weather.)