DOJ Slams Philly for “Violating” Immigration Law

In a "last chance" warning, AG Jeff Sessions said the city has two weeks to argue its claims – or risk losing federal grant money.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a file photo. (Alex Brandon/AP)

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The Department of Justice has reportedly sent letters to five jurisdictions accused of violating federal immigration law – and Philly is one of them.

The letters serve as a “last chance” warning that the DOJ intends to withdraw funding from the so-called “sanctuary cities,” which Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims “adopt the view that the protection of criminal aliens is more important than the protection of law-abiding citizens and of the rule of law,” according to Fox News reports that the DOJ claims it will give Philly and the other cities, which include New York, Chicago, New Orleans and Cook County, Ill., just two weeks to argue the DOJ’s claims or risk losing federal grant money.

A policing grant that brought Philly $1.67 million last year is allegedly in jeopardy. In late August, the city sued Sessions over guidelines he recently added to the DOJ grant program, which would threaten that funding.

In the letter sent to Philly this week, the DOJ argued that the city violates federal immigration law in two ways: by not informing ICE when an inmate or detainee is released from custody and by not sharing the immigration status of victims.

A city spokesperson said officials are reviewing the DOJ letter.

The letter is the latest in the city’s contentious battle with the DOJ over its immigration policies.

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