It Costs WHAT for a 5-Minute Phone Call From Larry Bowa!?

You really won’t believe how much a short chat with Bo is going for at auction.

Photo by AP/Chris Szagola.

You might be unaware, but Major League Baseball has an auction website where fans can bid on items like game-used jerseys, autographed baseballs and more random stuff too like… a personal phone call from Phillies lifer Larry Bowa??

Brought to you in partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Association, fans will receive a five-minute phone call from Bo to shoot the shit about anything from how badly the Phils got hosed when he threw out Davey Lopes in Game 3 of the 1977 NLCS to what it was like trying to tame a young Pat Burrell as manager.

Ok, I’ll bite, MLB… Wait a second… This costs $295!? For five minutes of what’s sure to be a forced conversation with a loose cannon like Bowa? I love this dude as much as the next guy, but that’s just an outrageous price to risk pissing off a possibly agitated bench coach. To give that number some perspective, you would have to rack up about an entire day’s worth of international calls to reach that same amount.

Although, on second thought, maybe that is a fair price for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of getting chewed out by the notoriously hot-tempered Bowa. Or better yet, Phillies fans also can double down and conference in Willie Wilson for another $295 to gloat about his strikeout to end the ’80 World Series.

Also – I love how they shouted out Bowa’s 2001 Manager of the Year award in the item description. Never forget the miracle he pulled in guiding a team with Robert Person as its ace and Travis Lee as its starting first-baseman to 86 wins and just two away from the division crown.

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