Toomey Might Answer Your Phone Call Today

Maybe. But probably not. He's holding another telephone conference with constituents.

There’s a chance – albeit a microscopically-thin one – that U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey might pick up the phone and answer you today. 

He’s holding another one of his “telephone town halls” a.k.a. telephone conferences tonight at 5 p.m. He’ll take questions from listeners who are chiming in via phone or Facebook.

Toomey made the announcement last night, giving constituents 24 hours in advance. The last time he held a phone conference, in February, he made the announcement about an hour and a half ahead. So this is progress?

Expect the conference to last about an hour, during which Toomey will likely take five to ten questions. His spokesman, Steve Kelly, said Toomey finds the calls to be “a great way to hear from folks,” according to PhillyVoice.

But the feeling isn’t mutual for many constituents, who are furious that Toomey has reportedly never once held an in-person town hall in Philadelphia, which is, you know, the largest city in the state he represents.

Last month, Toomey met with five protesters from Philly’s Tuesday with Toomey group, which holds demonstrations outside his office weekly. The group had wanted to take the time to schedule a real-life town hall with Toomey in the city – but a plan has not come to fruition.

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