Here’s When (and Where) to Look at Cherry Blossoms This Year

If Winter Storm Stella's got you down, mark your calendar for the one week this spring when cherry blossoms will reach their peak fluffiness.

cherry blossoms in fairmount park

It’s almost spring. That means it’s almost cherry blossom season – and THAT means that soon enough, you should make your way to Fairmount Park to take a stroll down the brilliant cherry blossom-lined greenway outside the Horticulture Center.

While cherry blossom trees are scattered all over the city, that particular section of West Fairmount Park is arguably the best place to see the bright pink flowers in bloom. And according to the Shofosu Japanese House and Garden, the optimal time to visit this year will be March 29th to April 4th. So mark your maps and calendars.

If peak season seems sooner than usual this year, that’s because it is: As if we needed any reminder, the weather has been all out of whack lately – first it was unseasonably warm (one of the warmest winters on record), and it then was bitterly cold and snowy (thanks, Stella.) Unfortunately, the harsh and sudden change in temperature will likely lead to a “significantly smaller blossom canopy this year,” according to Kim Andrews, executive director of the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia.

Luckily, the cherry blossoms will still be in bloom for this year’s Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival, which is scheduled for April 1st to 9th.

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