This Wawa Hoagies Rap Video Is Amazing

You won't see anything better this week.

Rapper Aaron Out extols the virtues of Wawa iced tea.

Rapper Aaron Out extols the virtues of Wawa iced tea.

UPDATE: It turns out that the rapper behind the genius Wawa Hoagies video is a vegan. Click here for the full interview.

We’re pretty sure that more than a few people out there have, in the midst of a pot-fueled 2 a.m. Wawa binge, thought, Man, I should really make a Wawa music video. Finally, somebody has, and it’s actually amazing.

South Philly’s illicit tamale queen Jennifer “Fear” Zavala first brought this to our attention, telling us, “If you write a story about it, you better mention me so that he asks me out to go to Wawa!”

Aaron Out is a local rapper, who likes to document his freestyle battles on YouTube.

He’s got plenty of good content, but he’s really outdone himself with “Wawa Hoagies,” his new song and video paying tribute to the almighty Shorti and all those other things that make us love Wawa. Beats by irCasim.

Check it out here, but note that some of the content is explicit.

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