The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Sam Katz’s Secret Stash

A Great Experiment goes awry.

So stalwart civic watchdog Sam Katz—a man who campaigned to become governor of Pennsylvania, a former Republican business leader, a municipal finance expert, a guy who’s run for mayor here on numerous occasions—was on his way to do some fishing in Florida on Thursday when cops pulled him off his plane. Seems Sam (for God’s sake, man, you were a Rizzo supporter!) had packed a little pot in his bag. When the news broke, helpful commenters deluged him with suggestions on how not to get caught the next time (“Pro tip: carry-on luggage”); Sam admitted to being “terribly embarrassed,” noted that he was a “child of the ’60s,” got slapped with a $25 fine, and caught the next plane. Hey, all you millennials still living with Mom and Dad? This is why we always seem so happy when you leave town for the weekend. Now stay out of our dresser drawers.