Sam Hinkie Breaks Silence, Will Teach at Stanford

Sam Hinkie, who stepped down as the Sixers' president and general manager in April, joined twitter to announce what he's been up to.

After stepping down as (then) president and general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers in April, Sam Hinkie has been mum on his future plans.

While Hinkie has had a twitter account since 2009, an account he verified was his in his resignation letter earlier this year, the account had been largely unused, at least to the public’s eye, with no tweets, no likes, and following no accounts. Until earlier today, at least.

This afternoon Hinkie fired off ten tweets about what he’s been up to (moving to Palo Alto, California), his future plans (some form of teaching/speaking at Stanford University, eventually getting back into basketball), and, perhaps most surprisingly, a desire to do more snowboarding.

The tweets are the first public comments from Hinkie since stepping down as president and general manager. An article from Jordan Brenner of ESPN The Magazine came out with quotes from Hinkie in June, but the interview was conducted prior to Hinkie leaving the organization.

The tweets are embedded below.