Burt Young (aka Paulie) Recently Climbed the Rocky Steps

The actor, who played Paulie in the Rocky series, posted videos and photos of his recent climb up the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Paulie may be dead in the Rocky series, but Burt Young is still alive and kicking.

Or, rather, running? Maybe. Per a post to his Facebook page the other day,  Young was in Philadelphia recently and made it up the 72 steps at the entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Later, Young went to the location of Mighty Mick’s Gym in the films, where he ran into a fan from overseas who had flown to Philadelphia to tour sites from the Rocky series. (Later, Young went to Hersheypark, apparently.)

Young is a still-active actor who also paints. His artwork is available online if you have a few grand to spare.

Per Silver Screen Artists — the site where Young and others like Eve Plumb, Richard Greico and Billy Dee Williams sell their artwork — Young went around with a “Paulie is not dead” sign. The run up the Rocky steps seems to have happened earlier this summer.

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