Democrats Nominate Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton officially became the first woman to be nominated for president by a major party tonight in South Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton officially became the first woman candidate for president by a major party this evening at the Democratic National Convention.

The delegate votes from South Dakota officially put Clinton over the top. After Vermont initially passed its votes on the floor, Senator Bernie Sanders announced a motion to suspend the rules and nominate Hillary Clinton as president via voice vote. The crowd screamed after being asked for everyone in favor of the motion to say, “Aye.”

“We will affirm that great truth,” Democratic majority leader Nancy Pelosi said afterward, “when women succeed, America succeeds.”

Sen. Charles Schumer then praised Clinton’s work in the senate. “With Hillary Clinton as President and a strong Senate majority by her side, we’ll keep the American Dream alive for a new generation,” he said. “And that torch in the harbor of the city in which I live: It won’t flicker, it won’t fade, it will burn brightly in the heart of every American.”

Tom Wolf read the Pennsylvania delegation’s votes. Unlike some other states, he did not read a list of the commonwealth’s best-known foods and/or celebrities — which is a shame, because we would’ve liked a mention of Tony’s famous tomato pies. (Delaware shouted out reigning WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne; New Jersey, inexplicably, claimed it was the only state with two senators.) He welcome the delegates, and said Bernie Sanders’ “fight for inclusion, justice and fairness has invigorated our party.” Like most speakers, he called Clinton the “next president of the United States.”

After Clinton was nominated president, a group of Bernie Sanders delegates walked out and stormed the media tent outside the Wells Fargo Center. It was a chaotic scene inside. Police lined up inside the fence, and the Bernie crew crowded against it a couple times chanting “We are the 99 percent” and “Shut it down.” One group carried a DNC coffin.

One protestor climbed over the fence and was taken away by police. Someone threw a bottle of water into the line of cops. The cops took 10 steps back. “I’m so sorry,” another protestor said to an officer, through the fence. “We won’t hurt you.”

Additional reporting by Jared Brey.