DNC Guide: Keep Bernin’

Sanders diehards: Here’s where you’ll find your people.

Photo courtesy of the Bernie Sanders campaign

Photo courtesy of the Bernie Sanders campaign

1. The Neighborhood Bars
Many a great revolution has been fueled in drinking halls, and in our era of 140-character conversations, the most enlightening Bernie banter will be had over a cold one. Local watering holes Kung Fu Necktie and Fado have been meeting places for pro-Bernie groups in the past, so you can start there. Fishtown, unsurprisingly, is a Bernie stronghold, and its local taverns, like El Bar, are bound to have real talk.

2. The Public Spaces
With days of rallies, classes and events planned — including a “Bern Bash” at the on-site skate park — FDR Park in South Philly is the Shakedown Street for Bern Heads. Tens of thousands are expected here throughout the entire convention. Other groups (think Philly for Bernie 2016 and Black Men for Bernie) have planned marches and gatherings at Thomas Paine Plaza and City Hall and on JFK Boulevard. Plus, look out for a candlelight vigil commemorating the death of democracy.

3. The Campsites
Thanks to an impressive network of rally buses and a found-ya-on-Facebook ride-sharing system, many Berners will be here from out of town. And they won’t be staying at the Ritz. Since squatting in city parks could mean jail time, a handful of affordable campgrounds have been identified as home base. In South Jersey, try Old Cedar Campground and Timberland Campground; in PA, head for the West Chester KOA. (Bonus: They all have pools.)

4. The Hotels
Hillary may be the winner, but delegates from states where Sanders took the primaries will still want to discuss the Bernie agenda. Find the delegates from Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island at the Wyndham Garden near the airport, while the Hilton Valley Forge will be flooded with delegates from for-Bernie Idaho, Utah, Hawaii and West Virginia. Head straight to the lobby bars.

Published as “The Philadelphian’s Guide to the DNC” in the July issue of Philadelphia magazine.