WATCH: Did Pikachu Give Crowd the Finger at Phillies Game?

The Phillie Phanatic chased Pikachu around Citizens Bank Park last night. It didn't go well.

I know what you’re going to say: It seems unlikely the Phillies would have a guy run around in a costume of the best-known Pokémon and have him flip off the Crowd at Citizens Bank Park.

But, c’mon! What else does this possibly look like? Pikachu runs onto the field and immediately tells Phillies fans where they can stick it.

The skit was actually pretty great, with the Phillie Phanatic running onto the field in order to catch Pikachu while playing Pokémon Go on his iPad. Unfortunately, he’s not really paying attention and so he runs into umpire Laz Diaz instead. Pikachu then celebrates by flipping the crowd off again.

All in all, this is a pretty great (and, we presume, unauthorized) skit.

The Phillies lost in extra innings for the second straight game to the Miami Marlins last night.

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