The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Chocolate

Yeah, sorry. That's all there is. / Germano Poli / Germano Poli

Some weeks — we’ll be truthful — it’s very, very hard to find a Best Thing, what with moms and dads giving their daughters away as thank-you presents, little girls shooting themselves in the eye, legislators still dragging their feet on gun control, stock markets the world over plungingxenophobia reigning, cops getting shot, rampant misogynistic hypocrisy, bacteria on the beaches, freaking Zika, and a whole lot of people being dumb enough to follow Tony Robbins and walk across hot coals. Just about the only ray of light in this forlorn sennight is this Temple physicist, who figured out a way to make lower-fat chocolate bars without ruining the taste by forcing the chocolate through an electrical field. So thank you, Rongjia Tao. Thank you for the reminder that whatever else happens, we’ll always have chocolate, and for making it even better.

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