Both Pa. Senators Joined Filibuster Seeking Better Gun Control

Both of our U.S. Senators joined Sen. Christopher S. Murphy in a 15-hour marathon calling for stricter gun laws.

Both of Pennsylvania’s Senators took park in a marathon filibuster that called for gun limits yesterday.

Starting 11 a.m. yesterday through early this morning, Sen. Christopher S. Murphy of Connecticut held the Senate floor to call for stricter gun control following the country’s worst ever mass shooting this past weekend in Orlando.

Pa. Senators Pat Toomey, a Republican, and Bob Casey, a Democrat, joined Murphy. All three live-tweeted the marathon, thanking the flood of supporters who reached out via social media, calls and emails.

By Wednesday night, #filibuster was trending on Twitter. The marathon ran for 15 hours.

Almost all of Murphy’s 44 Democratic Senate colleagues joined in, according to the New York Times. Some shared personal stories about friends and family who have suffered as a result of gun violence.

Sen. Casey read stories of victims who have been affected by gun violence.

Toomey appears to have been the only Republican Senator to take part.

By the end of the marathon, Murphy said he was able to win commitments from Republican leaders who agreed to hold votes on gun control measures. The filibuster ended shortly after 2 a.m.

The filibuster attracted the attention of Senate candidate and Toomey-rival Katie McGinty. On Tuesday, McGinty called out Toomey to vote this week for Casey’s Hate Crime Prevention Act, a bill that would prevent individuals convicted of committing misdemeanor hate crimes from purchasing firearms.

In 2015, Toomey voted against an amendment that would’ve closed a loophole that allows suspected terrorists to purchase firearms. He did, however, support a GOP measure that failed to pass that would’ve allowed the government 72 hours to get a judge’s approval to stop a sale to a suspected terrorist, according to the Associated Press.*

“My opponent, Senator Toomey, talks a good game when it comes to gun safety, but time and again he has failed the test of leadership,” McGinty said during a press conference.

Yesterday, Toomey tweeted that he plans to introduce legislation to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

*This piece has been updated to clarify Sen. Toomey’s 2015 voting record on gun legislation. It has also been updated to correct the number of Republican senators who took part.

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