WATCH: SNL’s Weekend Update Makes Philly Jesus Joke

Let the possibly sacrilegious comedy continue! Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost joked about Philly Jesus on Weekend Update last night.

Six days ago, Philly Jesus got arrested at the Apple Store. The incident inspired a million and one biblical jokes people could make, including several by yours truly.

Six days later on Sunday, we assume Philly Jesus is resting. (The jokes just keep coming!) But hopefully he was able to catch Saturday Night Live last night, which joked about Philly Jesus’ arrest. (Skip to 4:32 mark in the above video to watch.) Pretty solid Philly Jesus joke. It shall be added to the canon.

Michael Grant — aka Philly Jesus — has a status hearing on May 17th. By then, the city’s jokesters will have a hundred and one more quips to share about it. Aren’t you excited?!

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