WATCH: NE Philly Rep. White Clashes with Immigration Activists

Al Día posted a video of Rep. Martina White kicking immigrants' rights activists out of her office. White has introduced an anti-sanctuary city bill.

Al Día has posted a video showing Northeast Philly State Rep. Martina White yelling at immigrants’ rights activists in her Harrisburg office.

Last month, White introduced a bill that would hold sanctuary cities — ones that bar local cooperation with federal immigration authorities — “liable for damages on account of an injury to a person or property as a result of criminal activity by an unauthorized alien.”

Philadelphia restricts cooperation with the feds on immigration status. White’s House Bill 1885 would also require Philadelphia police officers who have “reasonable cause to believe that an individual under arrest is not legally present in the United States” to “immediately report the individual to the appropriate United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office.”

Al Día reports that various immigrants’ rights advocacy groups went to the Capitol in Harrisburg yesterday to meet with several lawmakers about immigration bills. They didn’t have an appointment into White’s office, but she invited them in.

So far, so good. And the video starts off pretty tame — the protesters are asking for White to stop saying “these people,” and she says she has said “immigrants” — but then it quickly escalates.

Martina White: This is what the benefit of being in America is. It’s that you have the freedom of speech. Please leave my office now. I’m not going to be harassed in my own office.

Erika Almiron (Juntos director): We’re not harassing you.

White: Yes you are.

Almiron: We’re here to meet with you —

White: Please leave. I’ve asked you twice to leave my office. I need you to leave now. Promptly!

Al Día reports the group had asked previously about White’s “racist rhetoric.”

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