Temple Rode the Subway to Its NCAA Tournament Game

The Owls took the New York City subway to its first round NCAA tournament game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn today.

Temple plays Iowa in the first round of the NCAA tournament today at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Rather than taking a charter bus from the hotel to the arena, coach Fran Dunphy and the Owls rode the New York City subway to the game instead.

The Owls also rode the subway to practice yesterday. “It’s an important part of getting into the flavor of New York City,” Dunphy said yesterday. “Our bus driver took the same route as us and drove into the city, and it took him over an hour. It took us 26 minutes.”

Temple has taken the subway to games at the Wells Fargo Center before. In 2012, they rode the subway from campus and beat the 3rd-ranked Blue Devils, 78-73. The subway ride is a cute throwback to Temple’s history as a commuter school.

“These are our roots,” Dunphy said that year. “Temple people ride the subway to go to school, go to class, and go to their jobs.”

The Owls play a half hour after the UNC Asheville-Villanova game ends.

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