Eakin Still Seeking Deal on “Porngate” Charges

Here's his motion, asking for a chance to make the potential deal public.

Last we heard from Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin, he was about to strike a deal on the “Porngate” ethics charges against him before the Court of Judicial Discipline. The problem? The court told him to go away and file additional documents in the case.

But that decision involved just three judges from the court. Now, in a motion filed Tuesday, Eakin is asking for the entire six-judge court to hear the details of the deal.

“In the interest of transparency, the parties should be permitted to read in open court the agreed proposed resolution reached through the mediation process and to present to the Court en banc the reasons supporting its consideration and acceptance by the Court,” his attorney, William C. Costopoulos, wrote in the motion.

No word on when the court will rule on the request. Read the motion below.