Donald Trump Polls Best in N.J. Among Remaining Primary States

In a very early poll from Morning Consult Polling, Donald Trump captures 51 percent of the vote in the Garden State.

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver last night tweeted out the best remaining states for Donald Trump. Guess which state Trump performs best in?

That’s right: The state where Trump left a trail of casinos in his wake is his No. 1 supporter, according to Morning Consult Polling.

Trump, of course, once had three casinos in Atlantic City — but now only the Trump Taj Mahal bears his name. (He no longer has any involvement in running the casino. He and daughter Ivanka sued to have his name removed from the casino, but reached a deal last March to keep it on.) Signs at the shuttered Trump Plaza have been taken down, and the old Trump Marina/Trump’s Castle is now the Golden Nugget.

He also lent his name to the Trump Plaza Residences in Jersey City.

It makes sense Jersey would support Trump. Voters there already twice elected Chris Christie as governor, a man whose presidential campaign slogan was “Telling it like it is.” That’s why people like Trump! Trump is also the favorite of moderate Republicans, and N.J. Republicans tend to be more moderate.

The N.J. Republican primary is on Tuesday, June 7th, along with four other states. The nominee will likely be wrapped up by then. (It might actually be Trump!) But if somehow the race is still undecided in early June, Trump looks to be a big favorite in the Garden State.

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