Christie Gets Down on One Knee to Woo Undecided New Hampshire Voter

Desperate times call for desperate measures for the New Jersey governor and Republican presidential hopeful.

Screen grab via ABC News.

Screen grab via ABC News.

New Hampshire, Chris Christie needs your vote, and he is prepared to show you just how badly. The New Jersey governor got down on one knee to appeal to an undecided voter at his town hall in Hudson, New Hampshire, Monday morning.

The normally brash, occasionally caustic Christie displayed his softer side, and it paid off.

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53-year-old Ann Antosca told Christie she wanted to vote for him, but the only thing giving her pause was his plan for reforming Social Security. As soon as she identified herself as undecided, Christie sauntered over to her and dropped into a classic marriage-proposal stance. And as she described being “very nervous” about retirement, he looked into her eyes, ready to win her over.

“I was going to get up but now I think I’ll stay on one knee,” Christie said.

“Social security, if we do nothing different, will be insolvent in seven to eight years,” he continued. “If we do what we’re doing now, that’s where it will be. I’m the only person in this race that’s put forward a plan to fix it. Everyone else is ignoring it.”

He then went into the specifics of his Social Security plan — which would raise the retirement age by two years over the course of 25 years — and what it would mean for Antosca and for him, “since we’re the same age,” Christie said.

His explanation seemed to appease her, and those in attendance at the town hall applauded when she promised Christie her vote. Christie might need to bend that knee a few thousand more times before tomorrow, however, if he wants to claim victory in the New Hampshire primary.

He’s coming off a disappointing finish in Iowa, and a recent poll from Real Clear Politics has Christie in a distant sixth.

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