Amanda De Guio’s Sister: Body Found in Park Definitely Not Amanda

There had been speculation by police that the body belonged to the missing Delco mom.

Amanda De Guio via Facebook

Amanda De Guio via Facebook

The body found in Ridley Creek State Park in Media is not that of Amanda De Guio, the Drexel Hill mother who went missing in June 2014. That’s the word from Nicole De Guio, Amanda’s sister, who has never given up hope that her sister would be found alive.

“My sister had all four wisdom teeth pulled, and this woman did not,” says Nicole De Guio, explaining that she received official word from authorities earlier today that the body did not belong to Amanda.

The body was discovered by a hiker on New Year’s Day. Originally, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Mike Chitwood told a local newspaper that the remains might be those of Amanda De Guio before backing away from that statement.

Chitwood’s premature words did not sit well with the De Guio family.

“Please know that the article published today about my sister was very upsetting to our family,” wrote Nicole on the Help Find Amanda De Guio Facebook page. “Those comments were inappropriate and unnecessary. Our family needs prayers, respect and support. Not negativity. We also specifically asked for Amanda’s daughters NOT to be involved from the beginning and we would like for it to stay that way. We have faith that Amanda will be home soon. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. If you have any information, please contact the police. Thank you.”

Nicole De Guio tells Philadelphia magazine that she continues to search for her sister, who was 24 when she vanished, leaving behind two young children as well as her phone, wallet and extra clothing. There has never been any evidence of foul play, but Nicole has worried that her sister was being held somewhere against her will. She regularly searches for her sister in known drug neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

As for the identity of the body in Ridley Creek State Park, that too remains a mystery for the time being.

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