WATCH: SEPTA Driver Throws Water at Passenger

Video has gone viral.

We all get angry on SEPTA sometimes. Only a few of us get this angry.


Posted by Ty NodaysOff Wade on Saturday, December 19, 2015

This video was posted Saturday; by noon today it had been seen more than 80,000 times and shared on Facebook more than 1,800 times. SEPTA Transit Police Chief Tom Nestel III told NBC10 his happened on the 57 bus, Friday in Olney. Fare evasion may have been involved, he said.

A SEPTA official told Philly Mag that the driver has been suspended, pending completion of investigation into the incident. “This started as a fare dispute,” said Andrew Busch, a spokesman for the agency. “I don’t know the exact nature of what was said between the operator and the female involved in the exchange.” The driver reported the fare dispute on his own, Busch said, hours before the video appeared.

He declined to comment on the agency’s expectations for drivers in such situations. “I’m going to leave that for the investigation,” Busch said.

Investigators are still trying to find the young woman involved in the incident, as well as any witnesses. They ask that anybody who saw the event call SEPTA at 215-580-8111.