The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Homes for the Holidays

In response to a challenge from President Obama, Philly stepped up for homeless vets.

As part of a five-year initiative to end homelessness among the nation’s military veterans, President Obama in 2014 issued a challenge to America’s mayors: Solve this problem in your cities, now. On Wednesday, HUD secretary Julián Castro met with Philadelphia officials and told them: “You have actually done it.” Philly, along with 14 other cities — some as large as Houston, some the size of Troy, New York — have met the initiative’s “functional zero” goal. Since August of 2013, 1,390 of the city’s homeless veterans have been placed in permanent homes. Still, there’s work to do. Fifteen vets declined offers of housing and remain on the streets. Mayor Nutter addressed them at the meeting, telling them: “We honor your service and your sacrifices. You deserve a home. We won’t give up on you. Please come home.” Here’s hoping in the New Year, they do.

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