Judicial Conduct Board Brings Charges Against “Porngate” Justice

Justice Michael Eakin could be reprimanded, suspended, or removed from office.

The state’s Judicial Conduct Board brought disciplinary charges against Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin on Tuesday, saying Eakin’s participation in the swapping of so-called “Porngate” emails had brought disrepute upon the state’s judicial branch.

“Justice Eakin has acted in a manner that detracted from the dignity of his office,” the board said in a complaint that will be heard and judged by Court of Judicial Discipline.

The board brought four counts against Eakin, saying the Porngate emails made him “subject to sanction.” If found guilty, he could be reprimanded, suspended, or removed from office.

The 52-page document detailed the pornographic, sexist, and racist nature of the emails that were exchanged between Eakin and other high-ranking legal officials in Pennsylvania. (See the full document below.)

“By sending and receiving emails from 2008-2014 containing the aforementioned content, i.e., attempted humor based upon pictures of nude women; sexually suggestive themes; gender stereotypes; homophobic content; socioeconomic stereotypes; violence towards women; race and/or ethnicity; and stereotypes of religious groups, Justice Eakin engaged in conduct so extreme that it brought the judicial office into disrepute.”

There was no immediate word on when the Court of Judicial Discipline would hear the charges.