Philly Police Veteran Charged With Beating Girlfriend

He is free on $100,000 bail.

Joseph Sees has been a member of the Philadelphia police force for 17 years. But now the Far Northeast resident has allegedly found himself on the wrong end of the law, thanks to an incident that landed him in jail in Bucks County.

On Thanksgiving Day at 10:35 p.m., Bensalem police responded to a call from a resident who reported what sounded like a violent altercation at a neighboring home. When police arrived on the scene just off of State Road, they found an injured woman, who is Sees’ girlfriend.

In the criminal complaint filed in the case, police say that Sees assaulted the woman and caused a bloody nose and scratches on her face. According to court documents, she told police that after the two had been out drinking, Sees began driving aggressively on the way home with her in the passenger seat. She says she complained about it and that this is when Sees got angry. When they arrived at her apartment complex, she went inside and pushed Sees outside, telling him to leave. That’s when “all hell broke loose,” the girlfriend told police.

Bensalem police arrested Sees for allegedly assaulting the woman, and he has been charged with simple assault and harassment. The 48-year-old is free on $100,000 bail. According to the Philadelphia Police Department, outgoing Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has suspended Sees for 30 days and intends to dismiss him.