Hillary Clinton and Adele Gave Us Life Over The Last 24 Hours

Divas of the week: Hillary Clinton and Adele. Hands down.

Now that we got that out of the way, how could two women of such different stature create such a straight-up buzz on our social media screens that it made us feel like we were watching Patti LaBelle guest starring in an episode of Scandal?

Let’s start with Clinton, whose testimony before the Benghazi Committee created more GIFS than a Beyonce concert:


It leads us to wonder why many of the gays adore the Hill (and I know I’m making an assumption here). Is it her uncanny delivery? Her extraordinary pant suit collection? Or maybe it’s because she can brush off imaginary dust from her shoulder like she’s Mariah Carey after she’s missed a high note in her Vegas show.

Speaking of high notes, seemingly overnight, Adele broke the internet by dropping the music video for her newest song, “Hello,” and everyone’s supply of tissues has pretty much been depleted:

That hair! And the wind blowing! And her flip phone! And her ripping that dusty curtain off the window at the start of the video! It’s everything!

I mean, all we really need now is for Hillary to announce that Adele is singing her presidential campaign’s theme song and we’ll all need fainting couches.