Syracuse U. Drops “Kiss Cam” for Promoting Sexual Assault

Drunken beer-throwing still okay, though

After a letter-writer complained to that Syracuse University’s “kiss cam” promoted sexual assault and male entitlement, the Carrier Dome has announced it will no longer feature Jumbotron videos of couples kissing during football-game delays. “We are taking the time to assess the concerns expressed in the letter to the editor,” according to the executive senior associate athletics director for communications, Sue Edson.

The letter writer claimed to have seen incidents in which two women at a September 12th game against Wake Forest were kissed despite indicating that they didn’t want to participate: “The instances I witnessed at the game encourage and condone sexual assault and a sense of male entitlement, at best. And they are an actual instance of assault, at worst,” Steve Port wrote. “No one has the right to forcefully touch someone be it a hug, a kiss or a violent rape. I adamantly insist that Syracuse University student government, the chancellor, the athletic director, etc. review what happened last weekend and seriously consider the ramifications of what they are encouraging.”

Commenters on the website are debating the decision vociferously.

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