This Dude Is Trying to Trade Pope Passes for Eagles Tickets

This Philadelphia Eagles fan is even offering to pay for the tickets — if they're lower level.

The Pope, Chip Kelly

Photo of Pope Francis by Gregorio Borgia (Associated Press); Photo of Chip Kelly by Jeff Fusco (Phillymag)

Scan though Craigslist and eBay and you’ll meet a disappointing truth: Lots of people ordered passes to see the Pope and purchased SEPTA papal passes just so they could try to scalp them online.

It’s understandable people will make money from Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia, of course. The World Meeting of Families itself has partnered with Aramark to sell pope merchandise and make sweet, sweet cash from pilgrims. But trying to scalp four tickets to see Pope Francis at Independence Mall for $1,000 — like this person is asking on eBay — just seems a bit much. Then again, gouging the faithful has been a tradition in many churches throughout the ages; maybe these would-be scalpers are on the right track to salvation.

But one person we can get behind unequivocally is this enterprising chap on Craigslist. He or she has four tickets for the pope’s visit and is willing to trade them — for four tickets to an Eagles game.


This person will even pay face value for the Eagles tickets if they happen to be in the lower seating bowl. An email to the seller was not returned, but he or she is looking for the seat location and date before deciding on a winner.

That Eagles fan isn’t the only person with a unique offer for pope passes. This Etsy seller of pope merch from Overbrook Farms is offering to trade a Pope Francis print for one ticket to the pope’s appearance at Independence Mall. One person is offering free pope passes away from Philadelphia — it’s all just a set-up for a joke about molester priests, you see?

Meanwhile, this sad English indie rock fan is selling his tickets for the Alt J concert the same weekend as the pope’s visit. He’s from Baltimore, and figures he won’t be able to get to the Philly show the same weekend.

A search of completed listings on Craigslist shows the pope tickets are not going for a grand. They’ve generally been sold for closer to $50 to $150 each.

Which brings us back to our enterprising trader. He’s a smart one: Getting lower-level Eagles tickets for face value is pretty tough to do! It’s well worth passing on pope ticket profit if you can swing a deal like that.

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