Queer at FringeArts Fest: You Are the Hero

You Are the Hero Crop

Each day this week, G Philly will be highlighting a different LGBTQ-themed show that is featured at this year’s FringeArts Festival. Get to know the artists who are bringing their works to the festival, and learn about what makes their productions unique.

It involves Zelda and coffee.

If that doesn’t make a lot of sense, don’t worry: That’s why you should check out the almost too strange to describe You Are the Hero at this year’s FringeArts Festival that will play, of all places, Elixir Coffee. This performance art event features out artist Daniel Park, who started working on the project back in 2013 and has toured the show to Toronto, Boston, and Chicago.

“I created the show because I noticed in myself, as well as in others, an unreasonable fear of doing what would make us happy,” said Park, who claims that he cares “deeply about empowering people to take agency in our world.” As described by producer Nicholas Medvescek, “One part Legend of Zelda, one part theatre, You Are the Hero is your chance to save the world from Evil! This adventure hands the controls (and Starburst) to you. You’ll have to be brave, powerful, and wise to bring the story to a victorious end. But be careful. Game Over does exist.”

Of course, there’s the whole element of having the show at Elixr Coffee, located at 207 South Sydenham Street, which will clearly break down the fourth wall between performer and audience. That doesn’t seem too out of element for Park, who claims in his artist statement, “I direct plays where water balloons filled with blood explode over demons from New Jersey. I create pop-up clubs where guests design their own Venus di Milo. I draw portraits on myself with mustard while Time After Time consecrates the act of love.”

Tickets to the 90 minute performance, which runs from September 10 through the 19, are $12. For more information, visit the FringeArts website.

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