What Duet Should Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga Sing?

Four ideas for a memorable mashup.

From Lady Gaga's Instagram account.

From Lady Gaga’s Instagram account.

It’s the picture that has everyone, well, gaga: Mother Monster posted a gorgeous shot of her posing with the legendary Barbra Streisand on her Instagram account over the weekend. Given Gaga’s jazzy duets with Tony Bennett, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the pop star to sing alongside the divine Ms. Streisand.

It got us thinking: What songs would the two darling divas sound amazing singing together? Here’s some standout ideas:

“I Know Him So Well” from Chess: The last time that the musical anthem was recorded with a notable duo was in the 2008 concert version that starred Idina Menzel. We would just love to hear Gaga and Streisand take a stab at the power duet from the rarely staged show.

“The Way We Were”: Goodness, we’d eat up a take on a Gaga/Streisand mashup of the popular 1973 tune, made famous by Streisand’s soaring voice.

“Don’t Rain On My Parade” from Funny Girl: Another iconic Barbra tune makes our list, this time from the fabulous musical Funny Girl. We can totally hear Gaga and Streisand belt out to this show tune staple.

This Insanely Awesome Judy Garland and Ethel Merman Medley: We discovered this gem from The Judy Garland Show that would be totally perfect for Ms. Gaga and Ms. Streisand, and if they did it matching sequin gowns, even better.