WATCH: The Phillies Gave Up Two Monster Homers This Week

The Phillies have hit a rough skid in the past week. They've also given up a few huge bombs. One landed on top of the foul pole.


The trade of Chase Utley to the Dodgers is not the only downer for Phillies fans this week. The hot streak that started after the All-Star break is over; please excuse the arbitrary endpoints, but the team has lost 7 of 9. Pete Mackanin is now 21-26 as Phillies manager. All of your favorites from the 2007-2011 teams are now on other squads, retired or hitting below league average.

And this week, the Phillies have given up two huge homers.

The first came on Tuesday and it was hit by the Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson. According to ESPN Home Run Tracker, MLB says the blast went 439.2 feet. The explanation for Phillies fans, however, is this: It was only a few rows from the second level of Harry the K’s restaurant. Yikes.

The second huge homer came last night, by the Marlins’ Marcell Ozuna. Per MLB again, the shot went 434.5 feet — and landed on top of the foul pole. Ozuna (or anyone) couldn’t do that again if he tried to.

The Phillies play three more games against the Marlins in Miami this weekend. Hopefully they won’t give up any more bombs. Next up after that: The Mets.

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