Jon Stewart on Donald Trump: “A Rich, Crazy, Egotistical Monster”

With just a week left in his show, Jon Stewart rips apart The Donald's presidential candidacy.

It is a sad time for all of us in the media game: We are just one week away from the end of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Whose bits will we aggregate now? (Okay, John Oliver, but he’s only once a week.)

It’s actually kind of sad. Stewart is leaving just as the 2016 presidential race is heating up. And this year’s primary has already been hilarious thanks to the antics of one Donald Trump. Fortunately, Stewart — who has had some great Philadelphia jokes over the years — last night weighed in on Atlantic City’s most famous casino mogul.

Stewart actually looks a little sad in this bit. He looks like he knows he’s not going to get to make fun of Trump’s eventual flameout in the 2016 primary! (Um, if it happens.) He still gets some good lines in.

“This Trump guy is a rich, crazy, egotistical monster,” Stewart says. “People like him are supposed to buy the candidates — not be them.”