Janet Jackson’s Top 10 Sexiest Dance Videos

Via Shutterstock.

Via Shutterstock.

Yesterday, Ms. Janet Jackson got all of us queens clutching our music pearls when the iconic diva announced her Unbreakable World Tour, which will kick off in late summer in support of her hotly anticipated new studio album. The first 36-date leg of her tour kicks off Aug. 31 in Vancouver, BC and continues in North America through Nov. 12 in Honolulu, and while Philly wasn’t announced just yet (New York wasn’t either, don’t feel bad), there’s no doubt that the anticipation will have all of us biting our fabulous fingernails until our beloved diva makes the coveted announcement of her musical stop in our hometown.

Until that day comes, we might as well start perfecting our Janet dance moves, so I rounded up of 10 of her most iconic clips that feature her sexiest looks, delectable dancing, and of course, showcase what she’s owned for three decades: out-of-this-world talent. Being that all of Ms. Jackson if-you’re-nasty’s videos are iconic, this list certainly wasn’t an easy one to put together, but you will find that these videos are all wrapped in that Janet pleasure principle that we have to come to know and love from her for all these years. Start your Unbreakable World Tour engines….right now.

10.”Rock With U”

One of Janet’s most underrated videos…of all time. This dark, sexy, strobe-lit clip is not only iconic for its sleek costumes and ridiculously on point dancing, but the fact that it was magically shot in one take really takes this seductive Discipline number to the next diva level.

9.”Go Deep”

Another one of her most underrated videos, but iconic for quite a few fabulous reasons. For one, the idea was perfect: a huge pop star like Ms. Janet randomly visiting a mega-fan and the outrageous-ness that ensues when everybody else in the neighborhood finds out. Also, it’s a Janet video that didn’t have the huge budget of her previous work, but indeed much more effective because of it.


8.”All For You”

What’s to say about Janet’s big ’01 comeback video besides everything? One of her most colorful video romps, the cheeky set in a 2D world loaded with barefoot dancing, sun-kissed sets and abs by Janet that went on for days. Although this was the diva’s last charting #1 hit, the memory of its video will last for all of Janet eternity.

7.”Got Til’ It’s Gone”

While not one of the diva’s biggest hits, its video was one of Janet’s most artistic visuals, arriving at a time when she let us into the dark, twisty world of her sixth album, The Velvet Rope. Besides its lush African-inspired visuals, the clip is just dripping with life, beauty and positivity, but in a moody, melancholy way that only Janet and acclaimed video director Mark Romanek could deliver.


6.”Together Again”

Another African-inspired music adventure, only this time Ms. Janet and her crew are in the desert working it out to some of her best late-’90s choreography. The tune is also one of her more precious tracks as its lyrics dealt with the diva dealing with the loss of a friend who had sadly passed away from AIDS. There’s really no other words to describe this clip except…absolute perfection.


5.”Love Would Never Do(Without You)”

For her final Rhythm Nation video, Janet did something she had never done before-she showed some skin for the very first time. Shot by world reknowned photographer Herb Ritts, this fun little frolic in the desert not only had Janet looking absolutely fierce, but the fact that we were given all that eye-candy in guest stars Antonio Sabato Jr and Djimon Hounsou really makes this clip that more iconic and sexy.


Another one of Janet’s “artsy” videos, but really, who cared about the Asian brothel concept because this was all about the dancing. Not only did Janet deliver the of the most famous dance breaks of all time with this video, but she also gave us that infamous crotch grab that had gay boys all over the globe truly discovering themselves through Janet’s epic package handling moves.


3.”Rhythm Nation”

Even today, we still associate the look, those epic moves and basically the entire Rhythm Nation movement as a true turning point in Janet’s career. Also, for those who’ve seen the making of this landmark clip saw Janet’s dearly departed older brother Michael watching from the sidelines. It was–and still is–a true statement of the time with a strong message that will last for decades.

2.”The Pleasure Principle”

While anyone of Janet’s Paula Abdul choreographed Control videos will do, this clip is so iconic because the concept is simple-it’s a video with JUST Ms. Janet doing what she did best: dancing her little ass off. While it was very unique at the time, it’s still a major classic for artists, dancers and video directors all over the music globe who wish they just could duplicate the iconic moves that Ms. Jackson served us with in this incredible video.


Not only is this an incredibly fun, bright, magical video with epic choreography from start to finish, it’s also a very nostalgic video that paid homage to all the movie musicals that rocked our worlds back in the day. Also adding to the “Alright” mix were some of the stars of those groundbreaking musicals—The Nicolas Brothers, Cab Calloway, Cyd Cherise—who all make fiery make cameos dancing along with the new school of talent they inspired. A Janet classic at is very, very best.