STUDY: Gay Men Spend More on First Dates Than Straight Men—But Not in Philly

I'm gonna pay so much for this salad. |

I’m gonna pay so much for this salad. |

From the hall of funny studies comes this one from date auction site, which shows that gay bachelors in the U.S. spend quite a bit more on a first date than their heterosexual counterparts

WhatsYourPrice, which boasts 87,000 gay users, pulled member data to determine how much single men are spending on a first date. Turns out gay men spend a none-too-shabby average of $184, while straight dudes pay about $120.

The a rep from the site sent me a list of the top 10 most generous cities:

  1. Minneapolis – $446 (average on a first date)
  2. Orlando – $395
  3. Indianapolis – $391
  4. Detroit – $300
  5. Pittsburgh – $271
  6. Memphis – $250
  7. Atlanta – $249
  8. Chicago – $241
  9. Phoenix – $213
  10. San Francisco – $202

As you’ll see Pittsburgh gets an impressive No. 5 spot … but where’s Philly? Way, way down there, according to the rep. “The average offer for gay men in Philadelphia is $110.00,” he told me. “Which is $74 below the national average of $184 for a first date.” That’s also $10 less than the average for straight guys. Where are you taking your dates, fellas? Tabu for tater tots?!