Shameless Philly TV Lawyer Shills Self to Amtrak Crash Victims

Less than 24 hours after the deadly derailment, a press release showed up.

Lawyer Dean Weitzman in a My Philly Lawyer TV commercial

Lawyer Dean Weitzman in a My Philly Lawyer TV commercial

Well, that didn’t take long. With the search for victims of the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia still underway, one well-known Philadelphia attorney thought it would be a good idea to send out a press release letting everyone know that his services are available to Amtrak crash victims.

If you watch local television at all, you’ve no doubt seen the ads for My Philly Lawyer:

The attorney behind those ads is Dean Weitzman, managing partner of Philadelphia firm Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, P.C., which also goes by the My Philly Lawyer moniker. In addition to his work as a personal injury attorney, Weitzman also has his own radio show about the law.

On Wednesday afternoon, with the death toll at seven and with some passengers still unaccounted for, the following press release showed up at the offices of Philadelphia magazine, sent from Weitzman’s office. They were in such a rush that they didn’t even bother to proofread it, apparently:

Philadelphia, PA, May 13, 2015–Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, P.C., also known as MyPhillyLawyer, is available to provide representation for victims and injured persons in last night’s Amtrak derailment in North Philadelphia. Managing Partner Dean Weitzman is also available to media outlets to give analysis and discuss what happens next.

In March 2015 announced that it is representing Philadelphia-area passengers injured in the Amtrak train accident that occurred in Halifax County, North Carolina on Monday March 9, 2015.

Shortly after leaving Charlotte, NC, the train bound for New York City, with a scheduled stop at 30th Street Station, derailed when it struck a tractor trailer hauling heavy equipment that had gotten stuck on the tracks at a crossing. The train was carrying over 200 passengers. Over forty passengers were taken to local hospitals with injuries.

MyPhillyLawyer aggressively and successfully represents people injured in all kinds of accidents, including trains and other commercial common carriers. If you or a loved one was a passenger on that train, call MyPhillyLawyer for a free consultation.

Award winning law firm MyPhillyLawyer has won lawsuits and settlements in excess of $100 million on behalf its clients for personal injury matters. Contact us today at 215-227-2727.

About Attorney Dean Weitzman

Attorney and philanthropist Dean Weitzman is the public face of MyPhillyLawyer on billboards, buses and television advertisements in the Philadelphia area. The firm was awarded the 2014 Litigator Award in Wrongful Death and Catastrophic by from The Trial Lawyers Board of Regents. The award is given to less than one percent of all practicing attorneys.

Dean is also host of the hour-long syndicated radio program Court Radio airing live every Sunday morning 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. simultaneously on Philadelphia’s Old School 100.3 FM, Praise 103.9FM and Boom 107.9 FM. Dean’s legal program helps listeners by offering free advice and talking with them about their rights about everything from car accidents wills to trusts and real estate matters. He has appeared on local and national television programs such as Fox Business, CBS3’s TalkPhilly and ABC News.

Outside of practicing law and hosting Court Radio, Dean is an outspoken critic of the United States prison system’s increasing incarceration rate, the disproportionate imprisonment of African Americans and of individuals with substance abuse addictions that need treatment.

Too soon?

When Philadelphia magazine called for comment, his assistant misunderstood, thinking we wanted to interview him for his expert opinion. When we suggested that the press release was insensitive, she asked, “What part exactly is insensitive?”

Later, Weitzman sent us this statement:

“We apologize if the press release was insensitive and if anyone was offended.  In times like this sometimes people can be overwhelmed with events and need someone with experience to handle legal matters so that they can focus on their medical treatment and care for their loved ones.

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