Pinot by Post: House Committee Approves Direct Wine Shipments

Get that case of wine delivered directly to your home.



The House Liquor Control Committee on Wednesday approved a bill to let wineries ship their product directly to the homes of oenophile Pennsylvanians.

PennLive reports:

House Bill 189 would allow wineries that obtain a special license from the state Liquor Control Board to ship any type of wine in any quantity to state residents. The winery would then have to collect the states’ 6 percent sales tax and 18 percent liquor tax on any shipments.

Under current law, out-of-state retailers can ship up to 9 liters of wine per month per resident. That provision, however, excludes wine already available at state liquor stores.

The bill goes to the full House for a vote. Gov. Wolf has signaled he might support such a bill if it gets approval from both houses.