FBI Searching for Short Balding Guy Who Robbed Center City Citizens Bank

He doesn't really look "armed and dangerous," does he?


The Philadelphia Police Department and the FBI are on the hunt for the man seen here, who allegedly robbed a Center City bank on Wednesday morning.

Police say that he went into the Citizens bank at 1234 Market Street around 11 a.m. yesterday and gave a teller a demand note, which was said to contain threats of an unspecified nature. The teller handed over the loot — an unspecified amount — and he walked right out the door, as the song goes. Then he crossed to the north side of Market Street and headed east toward 12th Street and vanished into the muck and the mire.

If he were smart, he would have done a little grocery shopping at nearby Reading Terminal, but judging by this relatively good surveillance photo released by police, he won’t be in consideration for World’s Smartest Criminals anytime soon.

He is described by police as follows:

• white male (duh)
• approximately 48-50 years old (looks older)
• five feet tall (has a short-guy complex)
• he’s thin (at least he has that going for him)
• he’s balding (a balding complex, too)
• he’s sporting a gray goatee (he’s so over the “Philly Beard”)
• he was last seen wearing a green jacket with a dark blue collar and white stripes on the sleeves (styling!)
• he wore eyeglasses (probably teased as a kid)

According to police, he is to be considered armed and dangerous. (Really?) If you know this guy or you see him on the street, call the FBI at 215-418-4000 or just dial 911 if you don’t want the FBI to have your information. (They already do.)

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