Philly Tweeter Shows NYT How to Put That in Their Pipe and Smoke It

The Times snarks at Philly. Allie Ilagan snarks back.

You’ve probably heard by now about the New York Times’ huffy, snark-filled appraisal of Philadelphia after Philly beat out Brooklyn to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. There’ve been a number of responses, but Allie Ilagan produced our favorite.

It’s been through several iterations now, actually, but here’s the latest and most definitive version of her reply:

The original version of that has been retweeted more than 240 times so far.

Allie and Mikey Ilagan, you’ll remember, were featured in Philly Mag’s roundup of local love stories just a few weeks back. And Mikey, you’ll remember, drew attention last fall when he intervened in a domestic violence situation. It’s possible that the duo is Philadelphia’s best young married couple right now. They certainly keep fighting for us.