The Best Thing That Happened This Week

Jim Kenney says: We could sell pot at state stores!

Photo | Photo illustration Alyse Moyer

Photo: | Photo illustration: Alyse Moyer

Politicians aren’t known for brilliance. Philly pols, especially, aren’t known for brilliance. But at a panel discussion at Temple on Tuesday, newly announced mayoral candidate Jim Kenney put forth a proposal so dazzlingly brilliant that we’re still blinded by the light. He suggested that marijuana could be sold in state stores (if Pennsylvania gets around to legalizing it). Not only would this take advantage of those stores’ already finely honed systems for weeding out underage purchasers. It would instantly quell the growing clamor to end state-store tyranny, since the crowd that wants free-range prosecco also desperately wants to get high (without, you know, getting in trouble for it). And what state store’s ambience wouldn’t be improved by a heavy dose of chill? Jim Kenney is the walrus, man.