Swarthmore No. 3 on List of Top 10 Colleges With the Hottest Guys



Nearby Swarthmore College has earned the No. 3 slot on College Magazine’s top 10 list of the colleges with the hottest guys. The online publication says it came up with its list of winners by researching schools’ four-year gradation rates, varsity and intramural sports programs, popular Greek life and gym facilities, so it’s not all about looks and braun. An explanation on how Swarthmore got the No. 3 distinction:

With a combination of smarts and revamped fitness facilities, Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania grabs the number three slot. Study dates for that upcoming Calculus 3 class can be a thing, right? “With the high academic demands, the athletes have to be very dedicated. The school work is hard to balance on its own, so it takes a very driven person to add sports to the mix,” said sophomore lacrosse player Cole Fox. With both indoor and outdoor courts and fields, a pool, and a 200-acre forest with endless trails for cross country training or casual exercising, staying fit is vital to the everyday schedule of a Swarthmore guy.

The others making up the list are:

  1. Pomona College
  2. Washington And Lee University
  3. Swarthmore College
  4. University of Arizona
  5. Ohio State University
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Vanderbilt
  8. Rice University
  9. Gonzaga
  10. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill